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This is a guide to ease you into the game, for more information please explore the rest of the Wiki.


Current version v0.67 beta

Logging In

To command your forces you first need to exit your cryotube and use your office computer to log into command mode by pressing 'E'. Pressing 'E' again will log you back out.


Setting up economy

When logged in, your first task should be to get some Iron coming in, to do this you need to build a drone factory and a power station. Once build, you can then place an Iron Extractor onto a nearby Iron patch.

A drone should automatically be manufactured and fly over to the patch and construct the Extractor which destroys the extractor in the process. Drones are only needed to construct structures outside of the grid.

If the extractor is too far from the PowerStation then a pylon will be needed to bridge the gap and power it.

Manufacturing your first Robot

Once you have a robot factory build, hover your mouse over until you see a circle, left clicking on this will bring up the factories controls.


You can now ether build a preset basic robot using this menu by left clicking on the icon or bring up the design menu.

Left clicking allows you to queue up as many robots as you want within resource limits. Right clicking will reduce the queue. You cannot cancel current constructions.

Design Menu

To use the design menu, you simply first pick an armour on the left, then a weapon on the right, followed by a special attachment below.

Once you have done this, simply press one of the 6 storage buttons at the bottom to store the design ready to be built from the factories command menu. Designmenu.JPG


Research is a massive part of your assignment. With it you will be able to upgrade your current technology and construct far more powerful robots and weapons.

To research you simply open up a branch of tech and click on the icon you want to research. A summery will appear on the left showing how long it will take. When ready, simply press the research button.

You can only research 1 item at a time. So if you want to research something else then you will need to cancel the current item.


Power management

In times of trouble you can divert power to where is needed by dragging slides around.

By default everything should be set at 100% efficiency. If you alter the power then you will alter effectiveness of the category in the following way:

  • Defences: Will increase or decrease the amount of damage done.
  • Forcefields: Will increase or decrease the charge rate of forcefields as well as the maximum charge they can hold.
  • Trion: Will increase or decrease the amount of Trion energy extracted from your power supply.
  • Iron Extracton: Will increase or decrease the rate at which iron is extracted per patch.
  • Special Structures: Certain structures require their own supply of power, this control increases or decreases its efficiency.


Gathering Thorium, Calcite and Heskosium

At some point you will need to gather some of the various crystals dotted around the map. At the beginning you will just have to use your eyesight to find them, but later with tech you will be able to reveal their location on the minimap.

  • Thorium: Purple crystals used to help boost power at the PowerStation. Powerstation needed.
  • Calcite: Yellowish crystals used to help reduce research time. Research facility needed.
  • Heskosium: Bluish crystals used in the manufacturing of certain high level units.

Heskosium is found only in crashed meteorites.

To gather any of these crystals you first need to construct a prospector drone at the drone factory by pressing 'Makedrone'


Once manufactured, you then need to tell it to fly over to a crystal and right click on it, if successful the a yellow move order will appear. Then simply wait and watch the drone gather the resource and bring it back to the relevant facility. Unlike constructing a building, gather crystals does not destroy the drone.


If the drone is destroyed en route, then the crystal will be dropped and will need to be gathered again.

Unit Controls

When you have 1 or more units selected a panel will appear in the bottom left allowing you to do various things:


  • FromLeft: Direct Control, Target enemy, Stop, Board, Disembark (only available when a transport unit is selected in the group)

Direct Control

When in direct control mode you have a few controls.

  • Pressing 'F' will order nearby robots to follow you.
  • Pressing 'G' will order nearby robots to guard the area.
  • Pressing 'Esc' will bring you back out of direct control.

Internal Defences

At some point you will need to defend the inside of the base. No matter how many tanks and walkers they have, only the robots will be able to enter.

To help out, you can build various doors and turrets to help.

Pressing 'TAB' will show toggle between inside and outside mode.

Once you have researched and constructed a security control room, you can then start building on the various set points around your base ether doors or turrets.