You as the CEO

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In your tailored suit, shiny shoes and handmade woven silk tie, you have worked your way to the top after stepping on top of everyone else and have been tasked by the board of directors to plunder planets for their precious resources to make your lives much easier.

Only trained in how to use the systems and determine the best wine to go with the meal, you are far from a killing machine in terms of direct combat. Your only armour is your shirt and your only weapon is a pistol under the desk just in case things go wrong. You cannot fight fights! That is for your automated army to do.

It is advisable to NOT LEAVE YOUR OFFICE AT ANY TIME, unless of course you have pressing matters elsewhere. Although despite being inside an armoured office you are still at risk of being shot. It is also advisable to keep some bots close at hand or get some security measures in place just in case you are inept enough to let some enemy bots get to one of the lifts.