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Other then drones, you have under your command various types of units to help you complete your assignment.


Bots are the workhorse of your army. From being lightly to heavily armoured, they should not be forgotten as they are the only units, along with drones, that can get inside enemy structures. However, unlike drones, you can take direct control of them and use as you will.


Heavily armoured and housing stronger versions of the bots' weapons, they can be used to take control of areas as they can take quite a pounding from all sorts of weapons before being damaged beyond repair. However, as weapon technology progresses, it is advisable that you keep up with armour too or else you could find your tanks melting before your very eyes.


A more flexible, lightly armoured version of tanks with legs. They were once considered pointless compared with a tank, but quickly found they were much faster at getting to the combat zone and far more manoeuvrable. There are rumours about a scientist currently working on a large-scale version of this, but nobody has found any evidence of such a thing.


Lightly armoured but ultra fast, Aircraft can reach the combat zone within seconds and take out whatever is needed.