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Welcome to the official Executive Assault Wiki page

Where you can find all the information about how to play the game and all the latest technology. For all the latest info about up and coming releases, screenshots, video and blogs, please visit the main website.

I have filled in the descriptions for all the tech however most if not all the other fields are still to be filled correctly so please ignore. They are mainly there just so can get an idea of what tech will appear.

Also because the game is still in the alpha stages various parts of this wiki are highly likely to be change, added or removed. Please use the links below for details on a specific category:

Anything with a star next to it has yet to be made.

Operations Manual

A guide to how to run your company as CEO. Below you will find topics which will help remind you how to run your company.

Latest Info

You can find all the latest info and developments of Executive Assault at the following links:

The Research Tree


Want to try something different to conventional bullets? Then try energy weapons. Energy weapons do almost no kinetic damage but instead slowly heat up the target until it explodes. Not much use on buildings.


Trion weapons are very powerful, tightly packed balls of subatomic particles dealing huge amounts of damage to whatever they hit.

However, due to their nature, they cannot be simply Re-atomised with units and need to be extracted at the power station using a Trion generator.


If you want to stick to what you know best then this tech is for you. Deals plenty of kinetic damage but almost no heat damage, so make sure each shot counts.

Base Administration

Important buildings for the development of the base to help improve security and efficiency.


The factories are the heart of your operation. They will manufacture your army to your exact specifications and are 100% automated.


Whilst you're busy trying to take over the planet, it might be a good idea to invest in some defences to help protect your base from unwanted attacks.

Base Structures

Important facilities and structures to help you complete your assignment.

Special Operations

When directly attacking the enemy is not working, or they have an unfair disadvantage, then you can try more surreptitious means to try and even out the battlefield.