Interaction modes

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Strategic mode

As the CEO you are the only person able to access the strategic view to manufacture and command your troops. In this mode you can:

  • Build structures
  • Build internal defences
  • Research technology
  • Adjust power levels
  • Design troops
  • Manufacture troops
  • Command your army
  • Control external and internal defences and doors.
  • Take control of any unit and fight through their viewpoint.

From here you can orchestrate your attack on the enemy company and try and assassinate the opposing CEO any way you can.

Direct control mode

Despite mastering space travel, we have still yet to develop decent AI and have simply decided to put up with it and develop direct control instead. They have precise aim and reflexes but I wouldn't invite a bot to negotiate a truce or bake you a cake.

Units are quite stupid and will follow your orders to the letter, this is why direct control may be needed from time to time as sometimes a job requires a human touch. You are able to take direct control over most units in the game and use it as you will (on your team of course).

While in this mode, you are able to use the unit's weapon and special add-on components, interact with buttons/doors/terminals, shoot and see further then the original AI could.

Remember though, you are just controlling the unit from your desk, if that unit gets destroyed while you are in command of it then you'll simply lose your connection to it and will be logged out.

If you have a particular unit that you want to keep an eye on, then simply make it your favourite unit by pressing SHIFT + 1. This will then show its viewpoint and 'stats' in the top left corner of the screen. By selecting this viewpoint you will then assume direct control over it. Handy if you suddenly need to jump back to command mode to sort out something important and then want to direct control the same unit again.