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The year was 2050, slowly as mankind and capitalism grew, so did the the 12 largest corporations secretly in the background. Slowly buying out smaller companies and banks, merging one into another, they quietly became global super corporations taking over much of the planet. Governments of the world failed to realise just how interconnected all these companies were until it was too late and they controlled 98% of the world's wealth.

One by one, governments slowly were bought out by the companies due to lack of funds and power after being squandered and mismanaged for decades.

By the end of 2090 just 6 SuperCorps existed running Earth, plundering its resources, and making the rich as wealthy as possible while the rest of mankind slowly withered away in a tide of pollution and stagnation.


By now, large domes had been installed across the planet leaving what's left of humanity to live in luxury and decadence while the air outside was toxic due to decades of mining for precious resources.

However the flow of money had decreased over time due to every ounce of gold/silver/diamonds/oil being mined from the surface leading to scientists searching for new ways of reaching rich deposits deep inside the Earth.

One scientist by the name of Professor Buckley came up with an ingenious solution of using the world's stockpile of nuclear waste and weapons to fracture certain fissures in the crust to collapse parts leaving the deep resources exposed for mining. This unfortunately lead to a cataclysmic explosion setting off a chain reaction causing the entire surface of the planet to break up.

"We set out to create wealth... and god help us... we succeeded!" were his famous last words televised moments before the earth collapsed beneath his feet.

Fleeing for their lives the heads of the SuperCorps dived into their starships and travelled a safe distance to their stations orbiting the moon, watching as the surface collapsed in on itself, devastating the planet.

Unsure as to what to do, they started work on rebuilding their civilisation on other planets and began plans to conquer other worlds in the hope to reach their previous level of luxury.


Long distance space travel has been achieved by tunnelling through a sub-dimension. The 6 SuperCorps have drifted apart with their own agendas and have begun to strip mine other worlds, claiming them as their own.

Each world is put under the direction of a CEO, who runs it as a company, funnelling profits back to their SuperCorp.