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Current version v0.70

Known Issues as of V0.70

Currently there is no server migration, so if you have a 3 or 4 player game against someone else and the server quits, everyone leaves.

A game against 4 CPU players can get a little sluggish.

In FPS feel free to run around and try and break things. You may fall through the floor, if this happens please let me know where. It can be simply fixed by exiting FPS mode.

I have noticed that it can be hard to remember where items are on the research tree, it may be a case of needing to rearrange things. Feel free to let me know any new layout ideas.

Multiplayer is a massive part of the game and equally comes with massive issues, please let me know what issues you find.

There is currently no mouse cursor on the TriCruiser, but you can still shot things when in direct control mode.


Your firewall may complain its trying to access the internet even if you start a singleplayer game. This is fine, and please let it through else you will have some serious issues.

Starting a game

To start a single player game, you pick your map and then click on the first empty stop to add an AI, if you don't do this then the game will start with no opposition (which is handy for testing).

Game Play

The aim is simply to kill the opposing CEO in his office.

As bare minimum you will need a drone fabricator and a power station.

If you build within the green area, the structure will get atomized instantly, but if you create a structure outside of this, a drone will be constructed which will then fly over and build it for you. (currently only pylons and iron extractors can be built outside of the green area).

Current Commands

Since you can not at the moment adjust the controls:

E is 'Use', so handy for opening doors and activating buttons/consoles.

ESC will get you out of most screens.

TAB in RTS mode will switch to BaseOps mode where you can see and build inside structures.

The middle mouse wheel will rotate buildings when placing them as well as the < and > keys.

When direct controlling a robot, F will cause all nearby robots to follow you and G will cause them to Guard the area.

Q Will allow you to active your special ability if one is attached.

As an aircraft Q and Z will cause you to go up and down. Currently the flight controls are like piloting a helicopter, so tiling forwards will cause you to fly forward and tilting backwards will cause you to go back.



Iron is used to build most structures and units. To collect iron you need to build an extractor on top of an iron deposit (giant yellow patch) and connect it to the power station via pylons. If all goes well an energy beam should connect between the power station and the extractor via the pylons and smoke should start coming from the top of it.

Thorium Crystals

Thorium is used to boost your energy supplies. Send an idle drone to pick up a green crystal and it will gather it and bring it back to the power station.


Currently Calcite doesn't work, but eventually you will be able to gather it in the same way you do Thorium and use it to boost research.


Falls from the sky. Used in high level research and manufacturing. Like Thorium and Calcite, you need to send a drone out to gather and bring back to the base.


In times of need you can boost power to certain areas such as defences or forcefields. The more of these you have, the bigger the power drain therefore it is important to keep an eye on your power reserves. If they drop to 0, your forcefields and defences will switch off.

To keep things running smoothly, drop some objects below 100% efficiency or gather more Thorium crystals.


This has been the bane of this game, however it is working rather well at the moment.

Let me know if you notice any pathfinding issues, particularly indoors and with the AI.