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The aim is quite simple: to assassinate the opposing company's CEO; however actually accomplishing this task is a bit more difficult.

Both of you will have to fight over the resources on the planet to spend on upgrading your technology, building structures to manufacture your units and expanding over the target region to dominate as much of it as possible.

You will also be fighting inside, as well as outside. Battles will not only take place on the battlefield with vehicles and planes, but also inside the structures and corridors with traps and other bots. Make sure you design your base well or else you might give the enemy bots a direct route to your office.

Of course, it is up to you as to how you attack the enemy but there is a lot more to your assignment than simply building as many units as possible and hurling them at the opposition. For instance, if you have reached a stalemate and can't seem to find a way past their defences, then try a more surreptitious method and bring them down from the inside.

Don't forget research comes with an entire branch devoted to sneaking into the enemy base and hacking into their systems. Having a security control room is a great idea for keeping an eye on what is going on inside your base, but not so good if a rogue bot managed to sneak in and deactivate your defences.


Reaching your destination and emerging from your cryopod, you will awake in your office high above you assignment zone in relative safety inside your armoured office.

The first thing you should do is log in to your private desk computer and start constructing your base. It is advisable that you start with the basics being a drone fabricator so that you can start collecting resources and building iron extractors, and a power station so that you can generate electricity to power everything. After that its up to you what route to pick, almost most try and get a small army of bots ready to defend just in case you are met with hostile resistance the moment you touch down.


There are many resources in the galaxy but we have found that these are the most useful:


Iron can be extracted from the ground by placing an iron extraction facility on top of it. However it will only work by connecting it to the power grid via pylons. Iron serves as a base resource and is needed in almost all construction projects, so make sure you have plenty of it.


A fascinating crystal structure which when placed into a special chamber in the research facility by a drone helps speed up research dramatically due to the shapes it forms.


Much more stable and safer then Uranium (only idiots use that in nuclear power), these crystals when collected by a drone and placed into the power station greatly increase your power output.


A very, very rare metal which only seems to form inside certain meteorites. If you ever get a chance to harvest this material, then you should make it your top priority.


Generated at the Power Station and enhanced with Thorium, electricity is used to power all of your facilities. Any structures connected via a corridor will get its power from the internal cabling, however some structures such as the Iron Extractor must be powered using the Pylon system.